A Futuristic Battle Game Based on PVP and P2E Model.

WAGMI Game Idea

WAGMI DEFENSE delivers immersive gameplay set in 3022, when the human race takes on cyborgs and aliens, who have penetrated the galaxy and are trying to drain the earth’s core to extract the precious element, NiFe, on which their survival depends. The game is a battle where players defend their bases to claim victory. In addition, they get to flaunt their combat skills in the arena using NFT collectible cards to demolish the opponent’s main bases strategically.

WAGMI DEFENSE is a PVP Tower Defense game built on a Unity game engine using NFT/blockchain technology. It’s an engaging game with a magnificent layout where players earn within the game on a P2E model and experience a battlefield designed to offer fair and competitive play. The game is presently available as a web-based MVP that is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

WAGMI - Texas Web Coders Collaboration

WAGMI approached Texas Web Coders after an extensive search for a competent app development company processing a complete skill-set and pertinent experience to build the desired this game. They chose Texas Web Coders because they recognized the company’s expertise and determined it to be a good fit for creating a high-level Play to Earn (P2E) game.

Texas Web Coders track record assured WAGMI Games that it would meet their expectations. Moreover, expertise with blockchain and NFT game development makes Texas Web Coders stand out. With 200+ global team members, Texas Web Coders has worked with brands like Sapient, Nintendo, Walmart, and more.

Game Mechanics

The game concept centers around two entities; Humans and Aliens. Players can choose between two species of cards, aliens or humans, each having towers, characters, power-ups, cosmetic accessories, and emotes. Both entities have separate starter packs. Players will drag a card to perform a strike or defend their tower.

The system will match the user’s Tower level with the opponent’s tower to initiate combat. The battlefield will take place inside a map called The Arena, set in a terrain where both combatants will engage in a battle. There will be one Main Tower and two Child Towers for each participant. Players can modify their towers’ skin to distinguish them from their opponent’s towers.

Each player has their own unique set of abilities, with some having more strength, agility, and elixirs than others. Players engage in combat by deploying forces and power-ups from a deck of cards, which may be upgraded to enhance their armory. Players may deploy themselves anywhere inside their controllable territory. Destroying an opponent’s arena tower lets players extend their territory.


A wide array of 3D characters, accessories, power-ups, cards, special moves, etc.


There is a multitude of ways players can collect NFTs in the WAGMI game environment. The WAGMI Token is essential to the WAGMI Ecosystem and will be the sole virtual currency utilized in the game’s PvP component. Furthermore, the WAGMI native token is available on both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains.

The WAGMI Token that a user picks either (ETH or BNB )when linking their wallet can be won or lost during WAGMI Defense when the player is ready to encounter other players in PvP mode. WAGMI tokens may be swapped (currently Uniswap for ETH and PancakeSwap for BNB) and held in a wallet, such MetaMask.When a player is ready to wager using WAGMI funds, WAGMI DEFENSE will convert your WAGMI Tokens into NiFe.The NiFe credits will correspond exactly with the WAGMI market price.

Players can exchange their NiFe credits for WAGMI Tokens and receive them directly in their connected wallets via a blockchain transaction with a simple swap process.

WAGMI engages players to unleash their battlefield skills and compete for WAGMI tokens through in-game competition, forming one of the most cohesive P2E gaming experiences.

Current status

Texas Web Coders has released the immersive web based gameplay WAGMI DEFENCE MVP (Beta version). Players will compete in the futuristic battle for WAGMI tokens. The public launch is scheduled for July 2022.