An Epic Auto Battler Game Where Players Engage in Combat to Earn

Taunt Battleworld Game Concept

Taunt Battleworld is a play-to-earn, NFT-based, combat-filled game. This auto-battler combat game permits users to own and manage warriors (NFTs) in an ongoing war in a post-apocalyptic world. It is built on the popular game development platform, Unity, and uses the Polygon blockchain.

Taunt Battleworld, a war-themed AI game, encourages players to earn through the P2E model by engaging Acolyte warriors in a battle to win and earn Old Gods with various in-game items as rewards.

Taunt Battleworld Found Texas Web Coders Expertise Convincing

Games built with cutting-edge technologies require expert game development services to gain a competitive edge over market competitors. So, Taunt Battleworld endeavored to collaborate with a top-notch game development company to implement features that could ensure their desired game quality.

Taunt Battleworld reviewed the P2E blockchain-based NFT games that Texas Web Coders built, and they were convinced with the game developer’s track record. They then partnered with Texas Web Coders to build a market-leading P2E game. Their agreement entails developing and deploying a fun-filled NFT game after first building and launching a web-based MVP product.

The development team at Texas Web Coders crafts NFT games with NFT characters that have compelling attributes based on the prospective game’s development scope.

Engage Fighters in Tournaments and Earn!

The Taunt Battleworld story encompasses the entire earth, which now serves as a battleground. The battles take place between five warrior races (including Humans) and Old Gods. And all races engage in combat to gain dominance over the world.

There are 2500 Genesis Acolyte game characters ready to rumble for supremacy. However, battles are AI simulated and work on a proprietary algorithm. Game participants will have to win their battles to earn from the game.

The Acolyte warriors are divided into five races:


The Undeads are silent zombie-like warriors, who follow the undying Old God, Nekro. The silent Undeads are on a profound mission for their God – to keep him unknown.

As Nekro has always been in a state of decomposition, he wears the faces of the newly buried until his new face starts decomposing too. Therefore, Undeads will fight for their God and keep his appearance a mystery by killing mortals to offer new faces to Nekro.

White Hairs

The white hairs were once human until an incident occurred. They were human colonists, who once got lost in space and landed on an unknown star where they discovered the Old God Dyeus.

These humans started serving Dyeus; however, their genetics changed, and they gained superpowers. White hairs will fight for their God to re-establish his domination.


With squid-like physical attributes, squids have landed on many planets and have annihilated them for their God, Exala. Other Old Gods once defeated Exala and her lover Herathon in the war. However, Herathon couldn’t survive and died. To regain power, Exala wants to destroy the Universe and gain ultimate dominance.


Scale Warriors have a reptile-like appearance and are said to be the traitors and deceivers. They worship the immortal Nisha (their God), who has held untold secrets and knowledge for hundreds of years. However, Nisha’s existence has been threatened; therefore, she has revealed her wisdom and secrets to the Scales to kill other races and take hold of the world for their god’s sake.


Humans are the only warrior race that doesn’t follow any Old Gods; however, they pretend to follow one to blend in with the battleworld so that they can save the earth from utter destruction.

Old gods and enemies are threatened by human strength, and they want to destroy the earth and turn it into a battleground to show their dominance over everyone.

Flaunt your combat skills in the arena set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring a one-of-a-kind engage-to-earn model gameplay built on the Polygon network.

Game mechanics

All races participate in the tournament, and the winners receive rewards and money. However, all NFTs must be minted as they receive various attributes, like punching, kicking, resisting, etc., to enter tournaments. Users can select Runes – mind, energy, body, death, or spirit during the Alpha release for tournament registration.

There are 50 unique and base-level NFT characters – 10 in each race – and each base character has the chance to get a Special Tint that determines the warrior’s rarity tiers.

Users can authorize themselves with the Metamask wallet, to which they must add coins and sell or purchase NFTs to enlist fighters.