Our App Portfolio

We help our clients grow with cutting-edging technologies, extravagant designs, and innovative software solutions.


Achieve your fitness goals, identify and rank running spots, interact with fellow runners, track your running story, and share your fitness routine.


You can choose to create and post a list in the app, and have members make their contributions. GForward also allows you to contribute to some or all the items on any list. Grocery stores associated with the app manage the items and deliver them to the recipient.


A mobile app built keeping in mind athletes, measuring and tracking performance for different sports activities


Track9 is a play-to-earn dog racing game where players compete against other racers to win. In addition, players will compete in format races that can be live-streamed in this game.


WAGMI DEFENSE delivers immersive gameplay set in 3022, when the human race takes on cyborgs and aliens, who have penetrated the galaxy and are trying to drain the earth’s core to extract the precious element, NiFe, on which their survival depends.


Players will earn as they play this fun-filled and motivating game, wherein tokens, coins, and power-ups ensure fun-filled entertainment and earning opportunities. The game is envisioned for both, the Android and iOS, and is part of a wider plan to extend action into the metaverse.

Second World

Second World wanted to collaborate with a company that possessed a significant history of producing market-leading games. Barkteam was a natural choice due to its top-notch game development experience and thriving partnerships through which the company built popular games leveraging technologies like blockchains and NFTs.

Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld is a play-to-earn, NFT-based, combat-filled game. This auto-battler combat game permits users to own and manage warriors (NFTs) in an ongoing war in a post-apocalyptic world.