Build the World That You’ve Always Envisioned – Your Second World.

A Unique Game Concept

Second World is a 3D NFT game based on city construction, alliances and wars. The game leverages the polygon blockchain, and is categorized as an economy tycoon city-building game based on the “play-to-earn” model.

Second World aims to launch the MVP version of the game in Q3 of 2022. This game will be operational on desktop platforms for now, and will be free-to-play, allowing players to build a city with various distinguished buildings that make the city prosper economically.

The game objective lies in establishing a city so players can acquire profitability and increase their value in the marketplace.

Second World Partners with Texas Web Coders

Second World wanted to collaborate with a company that possessed a significant history of producing market-leading games. Texas Web Coders was a natural choice due to its top-notch game development experience and thriving partnerships through which the company built popular games leveraging technologies like blockchains and NFTs.

Second World is among those valuable partners for which tech-savvy employees at Texas Web Coders put in their tireless efforts to build a powerful and enjoyable product.

Build an Economically Prosperous City

Players are tasked with enthusiastically building and managing their cities – visually and economically – to enhance their marketplace value that delivers instant success. The more players build a city with elegant and unique buildings, the more they can level up their in-game city status while also forming alliances and initiating wars on other players in a massive multiplayer-online environment. Moreover, the game environment encompasses the entire planet, Earth, which is divided into continents and countries each having its own biome.


Tiles are the in-game space on which players will create their building or structure. However, players can independently initiate the development process at their purchased location. In addition, the players will be involved in the economic relations and other in-game interactions that would help them build their property according to economic demands.

Experience excellence with ever-unique P2E gameplay based on NFTs, 3D strategies, and Tokenomics empowered by cutting-edge blockchain tech.

Current status

Second World is in the development phase. A skilled game development team, including artists, designers, programmers, and testers, demonstrate tremendous diligence in the development process of this game. The MVP version of Second World is expected to release Q3 of 2022.