Experience joy as you contribute to someone's grocery list.

GForward is a pay-it-forward solution that allows participants on the app to give and receive contributions for fulfilling a grocery list for a recipient in need.

You can choose to create and post a list in the app, and have members make their contributions. GForward also allows you to contribute to some or all the items on any list. Grocery stores associated with the app manage the items and deliver them to the recipient.

GForward Concept

The client approached Texas Web Coders with a concept that entailed making contributions to grocery lists for needy recipients. This was envisioned as a pay-it-forward solution. The details of each recipient would be available in their individual profiles to enable delivery, while payment for the items on the list would need to come from any app member.

HotSet owners approached Texas Web Coders with their need to build a solution that could help them carry on with their work. However, the app process would need to be convenient and one that would make participants feel safe.

The idea of helping any needy recipient regardless of their location was one of the underlying demands for this app concept. Therein was the need for collaborating with grocery stores.

Determining the principles for GForward

Experts at Texas Web Coders brainstormed the client’s idea to ascertain how the app could be designed to fit the logic required. It was immediately apparent that there would possibly be several use cases covered.

All participants would be able to produce lists and also make contributions to complete grocery lists. Moreover, grocery stores would need to be a part of this app, through which groceries could be packaged and delivered to recipients’ locations.

Other underpinning factors included user profile information. Either you would be a recipient or a contributor who wishes to create and publish a grocery list for needy recipients. As a recipient, your profile and location information would need to be accurate so that groceries are delivered to your doorstep.

Once you create your user profile and fill in your location information, the app will locate your local participating grocer within the proximity of your location (zip code).

As a grocery contributor user, you would be able to review the list of recipients to choose who you would like to help.

Review recipients' grocery lists and make your contribution.