Redline athletics - tracking athletes success

A mobile app built keeping in mind athletes, measuring and
tracking performance for different sports activities

Accurate measurement and efficient tracking

Know your strength and plan your sports accordingly

Scan your body

RedLine Athletics’ mobile app scans the body of an athlete, fitting it on the body shape on the screen. The athlete moves backwards and forwards to fit in the shape, allowing the app to measure the performance of movements followed. It allows the app to track the performance of athletes with different heights.

Tracking athlete performance

Engage in a world of fitness and health, as RedLine Athletics helps track your performance by measuring multiple baselines activities including sprint, vertical jump, cone drills, and more. Maintain records of your performance, with individual activity records that include speed, acceleration, duration, distance, and ranking amongst the athletes.

Interact with athletes

The mobile app hosts hundreds of athletes from the RedLine, giving you an opportunity to interact and engage with those of similar interests and activities. Connect with other athletes, view their performance, analyze their activities, and get inspired by their progress over time. Building a community of motivated athletes.

Bringing athletes together

A community of RedLine Athletics together on a platform of inspiring athletes, working together to become fitter and healthier. Download the mobile app, track your performance, improve your workout, and achieve your fitness goals effectively.

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A thrilling app for fitness enthusiasts